Who We Are

X-Parts Way Technology Co., Limited was established by a team of highly specialized engineers with the aim to provide turnkey solutions for reliable EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) and a better way for electronic parts sourcing.

It is headquartered in Shenzhen city (China) with manufacturing plants and branched in Dongguan city (China) with R&D center. The core teams have been cultivated in this field for decades, which enables the professional manufacturing services (especially for technically challenging projects) and genuine electronic parts will be delivered with reliable quality and affordable price.

All the manufacturing and assembly work operated under our roof is in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 and IATF 16949 certifications and follow IPC 6012 Class 2/3/3A and IPC-A-610 standards.

Welcome to visit us and talk more about our cooperation either online or on site.

What We Do

PCBA Turnkey

Electronic Parts Supply

Electronic Components for PCBA

Spare Parts for Smart Devices

Spare Parts and Electronics for Automotive

Custom Parts (Accessories and Tools etc.)

Custom Electronics (R&D and Manufacturing)

Electronics Manufacturing Services

PCB Design & Fabrication

Components Sourcing

PCB Assembly

Mold Injection (Enclosure Build)

Final Product Assembly

Value-added Services

Supplier Audit – we will be happy to play the role as your onsite supplier auditor.

Joint Projects – let’s invest, develop, manufacture and sell creative projects with our joint endeavors.

Sales Perks – sharing outcomes with people who explore new business opportunities to us.

Why Choose Us


X-Parts Way believes that acting responsibly is the key to ensure sustainable development for both enterprises and humanity. A company without convictions likes a person has no soul. The missions, visions and values are the strong internal driving forces for maintaining long-term business instead of chasing short-term profits only. These are not “formalism”, but keys to align our global business and integrate a sustainable mindset in our everyday decisions and activities.


Seeking and cultivating diverse talents with cohesion, creativity and expertise to deliver leading solutions for all our business partners.


To build a better way for electronic parts sourcing for our clients, be their most faithful and valuable supply chain partner and contract manufacturer.


Honesty , Communication
Accountability , Innovation
Passion , Diversity

Quality First

In X-Parts Way, quality is our lifeline. Our high quality for products and services in the past decade have enabled us to keep growing year by year. If we lost quality, we would lose all trust and business from our customers.

We have never sold any counterfeit products nor delivered any service in poor quality to our clients since the good opinions if lost, lost forever. When any issues happened, we always keep good communications with customers to resolve the problems properly instead of arguing. For more details about how we execute quality assurance, kindly visit our “Quality & Warranty” section.

Solid Relationships

In our past experience, we have been convinced that business is mainly conducted among humans, not companies nor divisions or functions. Therefore, it is more important to know your customers and other business partners (colleagues, suppliers and even competitors), and always try to think in theirs shoes.

Not only chase your own benefits but also don’t forget to leave decent spaces for others. Further more, a transparent and open approach builds a solid relationship, which in return achieves long-lasting loyalty and trust.

Turnkey Solutions

X-Parts Way is a reliable partner with extensive know-how and capabilities in the industry. We have made a conclusion from our past project experience and experiences – actually many companies not look for the lowest price nor highest quality, they seek for the most possible one-stop solution with the most competitive total cost but without compromise on reliable quality.

We have known these pains from our customers and we are capable of solving the problems through our turnkey solutions including PCB fabrication, components & spare parts sourcing, PCB assembly and final product assembly. Come and talk with us to customize the most suitable solutions for your projects.

Good Flexibility

As a small and medium-sized company with limited facilities for office, warehouse and production lines, X-Parts Way may not be able to fulfill big projects for world class giants, but we never limit our creativity and imagination.

We have been striven to support many companies similar in our scale by applying flexible solutions and leveraging integrated resources, we understand them very well – competitive price, reliable quality and warranty, fast delivery and responsible service are crucial to their success. Standard procedures are necessary to be complied with, but we should also have proper flexibility to deal with different circumstances.

Full Responsibility

“Responsibility”, people usually overuse it verbally or literally. As a result, “over-commitment” but “under-delivery” is happening all the way along. X-Parts Way is imperfect, but we take full responsibility for all the products and services provided by us. For any proven issues caused due to our end, we take all our duties unshakably.

Business is war without bullets, there are so many invisible and intangible traps and tricks here and there. You know a reliable supplier is not your supplier only, they are also your strategic partner for a successful business. You don’t need many suppliers, you need one or a few really responsible ones.

Reasonable Cost

“First-rate quality and cheap price” might be a paradox in our industry. We never expect the high quality raw materials and machine equipment can be available in low cost, so we are also not able to promise the cheapest price will be offered from us.

X-Parts Way tries to keep out of price war with our competitors, but focuses on delivering the reliable quality and professional service in reasonable price. And we have been doing the best to optimize our supply chain and improve internal management, so as to ensure good price without compromise on quality can be achieved.