Industries We Serve

One of the major reasons that X-Parts Way team has been plowed in the Electronics Manufacturing Services field for many years is its diversity and universality – any product or any industry which is powered with electricity, it will need our service. Reliable components and PCBAs are crucial to all electronic applications.

On one hand, we have accumulated abundant project experience (of course also learned from many lessons) from multiple industries in the past decade; on the other hand, we face constant challenges as the increasing demands on more complex design, higher standards for manufacturing and assembly technology and craftsmanship, and more professional support and service through out the overall lifespan of every project.

Below are those main industries where most of our business opportunities and big challenges come from. It means we are capable of manufacturing general electronic products, dedicated service electronic products and also high reliability or harsh operating environment electronic products which are defined in the IPC 6012 Class 2/3/3A and IPC-A-610 standards.

PCBA for Industrial Control
PCBA for Medical Devices
PCBA for Telecommunications
PCBA for Electric Engineering
PCBA for Automotive Electronics
Industrial Control
Medical Devices
Electric Engineering
Automotive Electronics
PCBA for Smart Home Electronics
PCBA for Smart Home Electronics
PCBA for Aerospace
PCBA for Defense
Smart Home
Security & Protection