What’s the definition of “Joint Projects” by X-Parts Way?

Customer and X-Parts Way turn ideas to finished products with our joint efforts and investment throughout the stages and procedures including but not limited to market survey, R&D, prototypes (samples) build, formal production, sales and after-sales etc., in return, we share the outcomes together as well.

According to our experience in the past years, our customers (or we can say features of projects) can be divided into six types as follows:

A. Choosing our PCBA turnkey solution (PCB Fabrication, Components Sourcing and PCB Assembly).
B. Doing both PCBA and enclosure assembly with us.
C. Manufacturing PCB by us only.
D. Purchasing components from us only.
E. Designing and manufacturing PCB by us.
F. Developing and selling new products with us together.

Obviously, the type F above is the “Joint Projects” we are talking.

We have developed some finished products with our customers, due to NDA, we can only share a few generic products for your reference.

Ultra-Thin Android Headrest Player

11″ Ultra-Thin Android Headrest Player

Split Screen Monitor for Car

29″ Split Screen Monitor for Car

Oral Irrigator

Portable Oral Irrigator

Since we have professional engineers both for hardware and software, plus our good experience of developing new products (mainly for automotive electronics and consumer electronics) and manufacturing capabilities, we hope we could build more finished products for our customers with competitive price and stable functionality.

We are also willing to develop more new products with good market potentials together with our customers and distribute the products on multiple platforms and channels.

If you are interested in our Joint Projects, please don’t hesitate to talk more with us right away.

Let’s develop, manufacture and sell with joint efforts and share the profits together!