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Honestly speaking, 90% of our clients got their PCBs designed by other companies out of China. We assume that language barriers and design capabilities might be their major concerns.

X-Parts Way is founded by a team of engineers in PCB design and PCBA manufacturing fields for over 15 years. Plus our good abilities of English understanding and communication for PCB and PCBA, we believe that it will not have any barriers between us.

Below please find more about our design capabilities and procedures.

Design Advantages

People (Professional Team)

Everyone has his own merits and demerits, so does a PCB designer. To support projects with different complexities and industry features, we have different talents with various project experience and capabilities. Either for software or hardware, please feel free to talk with our engineers for solutions.

Quality (The Core)

For circuits, quality is life. We strictly comply with standard design procedures and guidelines for schematic audit, DFM, DFT, DFA, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and thermal design evaluation etc. to guarantee the good functionality and best economic benefit.

Cost-efficient (Turnkey)

X-Parts Way is able to handle all the workflows from design to manufacture and assembly under the same roof, which will realize the best cost and time effects for your company. As a result, you’ll have more energy to explore other opportunities.

Fast Turnaround (Efficiency)

Design timeline can be arranged as per your urgency. Normal lead time and expedited service are available for your options. To shorten the overall turnaround for your projects, team will always do our utmost to follow the schedule or go ahead of it.

Industries We Serve

Industrial Control
Medical Devices
Electric Engineering
Automotive Electronics
PCBA for Industrial Control
PCBA for Medical Devices
PCBA for Telecommunications
PCBA for Electric Engineering
PCBA for Automotive Electronics
Smart Home
Security & Protection
PCBA for Smart Home Electronics
PCBA for Smart Home Electronics
PCBA for Aerospace
PCBA for Defense

Physical Parameters of Design Capabilities

Max. Design Layers56LMin. Via Hole6 Mil Mechanical Drilling
Max. Signal Speed112G-PAM4Min. Via Hole4 Mil Laser Drilling
Max. Signal Design Rate10Gbps CMLMax. BGA Counts120+
Max. Pin Counts78000+Min. BGA Pitch0.3 MM
Min. Trace Width/Space2.4 MilMax. BGA Pin Counts8371

Design & Work Procedures

Design & Work Procedures


Information and files needed from client before design:
1. Circuit Schematic Diagram – which can export the netlist correctly.
2. Mechanical Structure Drawing – which shows the accurate locations, orientations and dimensions etc. of all parts.
3. BOM List – which can help to compare and confirm the components information indicated in schematic drawing.
4. Layout Guidelines – which contains the specific requirements and principles for stack-up and impedance control etc.

PCB Design Software

Cadence Allegro, Mentor Graphics PADS, PROTEL Altium Designer, ORCAD, and Eagle are the mostly used design software by our engineers.
We are able to do format conversion by ORCAD with the schematics in PDF provided from client, then import netlist.

PCB Design Lead Time

With confirmed schematics and BOM, our standard lead time for PCB design will be:

PCB LayersDesign Lead Time
2L3 Working Days
4L5 Working Days
6L7 Working Days
8L9 Working Days
10L12 Working Days
10L +TBD
Expedited ServiceTBD

The above shows the regular design time, the precise lead time will be determined by the specifications and features of each project.
We will discuss and confirm lead time with our clients before design. Expedited design service is available, please contact us to get more details if any questions.