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Heavy Copper PCBs

IPC association doesn’t have a set definition on Heavy Copper PCBs. Copper foil thickness for conventional PCBs is usually 0.5-2 OZ, so we can call PCBs which use 3 OZ copper or higher in their inner and / or outer layers as Heavy Copper PCBs.

Heavy Copper PCBs are designed and manufactured in thicker copper thickness and wider traces which enables higher current-carrying capacity for applications working under high current or high voltage conditions.

Applications of Heavy Copper PCBs

With the greater performance on thermal conductivity, current-carrying capacity, mechanical strength and dissipation capability, we see the utilization of Heavy Copper PCBs growing rapidly in recent years, it has been a very important segment of our manufacturing service. They are widely applied to various fields including but not limited to:

Power Supplies
Power ConvertersThicker Copper PCBs
High Output Inverter
High Power Motor Driver
Battery Management System (BMS)
Automotive (EV, HEV etc.)
Industrial Control System
Industrial Robots
New Energy

X-Parts Heavy Copper PCBs Manufacturing Capabilities

Features Standard Advanced
Layer Count 2-22L 30L
Materials High Performance FR4, Halogen-Free FR4
PCB Thickness 0.4 MM – 7.0 MM (Depending On Layer Counts and Copper Thickness)
Copper Thickness 3 OZ – 15 OZ
Minimum Track / Spacing 0.075 MM / 0.075 MM (Depending On Copper Thickness)
Maximum Dimensions 580 MM x 1080 MM 610 MM x 1400 MM
Surface Finish ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Electrolytic Gold, Gold Fingers (HASL / HASL LF Not Recommended)
Minimum Mechanical Drill 0.2 MM