High TG PCBs

High-TG PCBs

TG refers to the Glass Transition Temperature, it’s a critical characteristic of PCB substrate which measures the heat resistance capability. And it’s also the tipping point from where the substrate transitions from a glassy state to a rubbery state. It’s 30℃ (Celsius Degree) higher than the Max. working temperature of PCB raw materials and 40℃ higher than the Max. operating temperature of the electronic devices.

High-TG PCBs, can also be regarded as High Temperature PCBs, meaning PCBs designed to withstand different high temperature environments (e.g. lead-free reflow soldering and harsh external operating conditions).

According to the different high temperature resistance capabilities, FR4 PCBs can be classified in to Standard TG PCBs, Medium TG PCBs and High TG PCBs.

PCB TG Types TG Values (DSC) Applications
Standard TG PCBs 130℃ – 140℃ Common Consumer Electronics
Medium TG PCBs 150℃ – 155℃ Delicate Electronics Working Under Higher Temperature Ranges
High TG PCBs 170℃ – 225℃ Communication Equipment, Automotive Electronics, Industrial Control Equipment, Aerospace, Medical Devices, Military and Defense, Precise Instruments and LED Lighting etc.

Characteristics of High TG PCBs

● Higher Thermal Stress Resistance
● Improved Mechanical Performance
● Higher Power Density
● Better Plated Through Hole Reliability
● Stronger Delamination Durability

High TG Materials Used By X-Parts

Materials TG (DSC, °C) Td (WT, °C) CTE-z              (ppm/ °C) Td260 (Min.) Td288 (Min.)
IT180A 190 345 45 60 20
S1000-2/2B 185 345 45 60 20
S1170G/GB 180 390 45 60 60
S1141 175 300 55 8 /
Rogers RO4350B 280 390 32 / /
High TG PCBs Manufacturing_X-Parts

X-Parts High-TG PCBs Manufacturing Capabilities

Features Capabilities
Layer Count 2-64L
TG Values 170℃, 180℃, 185℃, 190℃, 200℃ & Higher
High TG Materials S1141, S1170G/GB, S1000-2/2B, IT180A, RO4350B, RO4003C, RO4835, RO4833, FR408, FR408HR, FR370HR, IS410, N4000-12, N4000-13/13SI, N4000-13EP/EPSI, N4000-29, N4380-13RF, N4350-13RF, N4800-20/20SI, N7000-2 HT
Board Thickness 0.2 MM – 3.2 MM
Maximum Dimensions 580 MM x 1080 MM
Copper Thickness 0.5 OZ – 14 OZ
Minimum Track / Spacing 0.075 MM / 0.075 MM
Minimum Drill 0.15 MM Mechanical, 0.1 MM Laser
Surface Finish ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Electrolytic Gold, Gold Fingers (HASL / HASL LF Not Recommended)