How We Guarantee the Quality of PCB?

Right People with Capability and Responsibility

We should get things right from the very first beginning.

If PCB designed by us, our professional engineers will deliver correct PCB design without defects; if PCB designed by your own engineers or a third party, our engineers will also be helpful to detect errors from your Gerber files if any or provide suggestions with good intentions of better manufacturing feasibility, lower cost or faster lead time etc.

Our team will clear the engineering questions before production starts. As we all know, a correct design is the most important precondition of a working PCB.

DFM Analysis

Raw Materials with Higher Stability and Durability

If focused on reducing cost, some players may lower down the quality grade of their raw materials, but this is not our trick.

For standard PCB, we usually use well-known manufacturers like KB (KINGBOARD), ITEQ and GDM (Goldenmax) etc. For advanced PCB, we will choose among Shengyi, Rogers, Arlon, Isola, Omega, Nelco and 3M etc. as per requirements and specifications from customers. All the base materials we use meet IPC 4101 Class B/L, which ensures tighter control of dielectric spacing to reduce deviation in electrical performance.

Besides base materials, we also use high quality ink for soldermask from TAIYO or Kuangshun, which meet IPC-SM-840 Class T.

PCB Copper Foil

Advanced Production Equipment

PCB is not a common merchandise, it requires advanced workmanship and technology as the circuit design gets more and more complex to support the latest smart applications.

To maintain high quality and keep pace with the innovative technology, we have updated our production lines with advanced machines continuously, e.g.

LDI Exposure Machine ; Soldermask Exposure Machine; Automatic Silkscreen Printing Line
Automatic Electroplating Line; Automatic Etching Line; Automatic Testing Machine
High Speed Flying Probe Testing Machine; Automatic Washing Machine

Flying Probe Testing for PCBs

Strict Procedures Management and Quality Control

Our production procedures strictly comply with ISO quality & environment management systems and all the PCBs fabricated by us meet IPC 6012 Class 2 or 3/3A standards.

Professional engineers, advanced equipment, experienced production line workers plus standard procedures and strict on-site management can guarantee the reliable quality.

Every single piece of PCB from each production batch will be electrically tested either by flying probes or custom testing fixture (for mass production or any volume of complex PCB) under IPC-9252 Guidelines and Requirements.

Automatic PCB Testing

All our efforts and intentions are for the best quality, but in manufacturing industry, we don’t commit zero defects, we always do our utmost to keep sustainable improvement and development. If any faulty PCBs caused by our reasons, we take our responsibility as per provision 7 and 8 in our Terms and Conditions.

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