How We Guarantee the Quality of PCBA?

EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) is a type of compound project, which interacts with multiple supply chains (PCB Raw Materials, Electronic Components, Enclosures, Solder Paste and other accessories and tools etc.) and complex work procedures (PCB Design, PCB Fabrication, Components Sourcing, PCB Assembly, Programming and Testing, Conformal Coating, Final Product Assembly and Packaging etc.), any mistakes or mishandling among the chains or procedures may cause quality issue or even destroy the whole batch.

All the efforts from our professional team and strict work procedures implemented by us are for the best quality with consistency.

01 Thorough DFM and DFA Evaluation Before Production

Almost 90% of the circuit boards were designed by our customers or third party engineers. Though many of them have excellent design expertise, not every hardware nor mechanical engineer has good experience or awareness of DFM and DFA. A PCB might be designed perfectly in theory, but it might also be infeasible for manufacturing.

We have professional engineers both for circuits design and assembly, each project will be strictly evaluated by our engineers before production. With their abundant experience and know-how, they will tell and fix the bugs before it’s too late.

A thorough engineering audit for DFM and DFA before production is the precondition for a successful project.

02 Strict IQC for Materials

We always pay special attention on IQC for electronic components:

– Confirm Labels and Legends (Part Number, Manufacturer, Silkscreen on Component etc.)
– Measure the Values for Capacitors and Resistors
– Visually Check or Electrically Test the Colors of Components (e.g. Luminous Diode)
– Confirm the Dimensions and Mechanical Structures of Components with Solder Pads on PCB
– Confirm Quantities
– Detect If Any Other Issues

Unqualified or incorrect components may cause quality issues or even potential safety hazards, strict IQC for each component is necessary.

03 Advanced Assembly and Inspection Equipment

It looks like that most of the SMT factories have the similar work procedures and machines, but actually different factories have their different advantages and disadvantages. Most importantly, each factory has its own understanding, cognition and principle towards quality and sustainable development. As as result, products or services in different quality will be delivered to customers.

Except the common SMT machines, we have also equipped with online and off-line SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) machines, online and off-line AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) machines, Smart First Article Tester, X-Ray Inspection Machine, Automatic Depanelization Machine, Baking Oven and Moisture-Proof Cabinet etc. to ensure the consistently high quality for the projects with higher value and complexity.

04 Professional Functional Testing & Debug Capabilities

To ensure the perfect yield (100%), we always suggest our customers to do functional testing by us before shipping. For simple or urgent projects, we usually advise ICT (In-Circuit Test) at least. For complex project or mass production, we strongly suggest FCT (Functional Test) for each PCBA by our professional engineers. For final product (Finished Product with Enclosures), we are also able to do functional test and Burn-In test.

Some hidden or potential defects may not be detected by normal visual and automatic machine inspections, only comprehensive functional testing can tell the real performance of the board. If necessary, our senior engineers will also be able to design testing procedures and testing fixtures by our own if customers have no ideas about how to test.

We can also do hardware programming before or after PCB assembly upon customer’s instructions.

05 Safe and Firm Packaging

Without safe and firm packaging, the well-tested boards will still have high risks of being damaged during international transition. Packing is the last step before shipment but it’s also one of the most important procedures among the whole production phase.

We will pack either with our standard anti-static bag in firm master cardboard or as per customer’s requirements. No matter which option applied, the main purpose is to ensure the working boards will be delivered to our customers.

The Custom packaging including but not limited to anti-static plastic trays, anti-static foam trays, bubble wrap and gift boxes etc.

Guided by ISO Quality Management System and inspect each PCBA under IPC-A-610 Class 2 or Class 3 criteria, from senior management to production line employees, we pursue the best quality, but in manufacturing industry, quality issues still occur from time to time.

In X-Parts, we don’t promise zero defects, but we always strive for the best yield, if any issues happened due to our reasons, we will resolve the problems with reasonable solutions. For more details about how we handle quality issue and our warranty policy, please check “Warranty Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” sections for more information or contact with us directly.