Win-Win Cooperation

X-Parts Way have decided to launch a new program called “Sales Perks” since this very beginning of 2023.

The two main goals of our “Sales Perks” program:

  1. Making full use of all the resources and opportunities between supply and demand via collaborations with our business partners.
  2. Gaining sales volume for our company and increasing incomes for our partners.

How does it work?

Step 1: Exploring or recommending customers for us.
Step 2: We pay sales perks in return.

Who will be our business partners?

  1. Engineers with Associations to EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) Projects
    (e.g. PCB Designer, Embedded System Engineer, Electrical Engineer, R&D Engineer, Project Manager and Software Engineer etc.)
  2. Traders, Sales and Buyers of EMS Field
    (e.g. PCBA Global Sales, PCBA Traders, Electronic Components Traders, Buyers for PCBA Projects etc.)
  3. Individuals with Interests or Resources to EMS Field
    (e.g. Self-employed Entrepreneurs and Freelancers etc.)

Everyone has his/her own merits and demerits so does a company.

There are so many business opportunities for electronics from different fields (Industrial, Medical, Automotive, IoT, Security, Aerospace, Defense, Smart Home and Electric Engineering etc.) around the world, the market potentials are huge enough.

While, due to the regional restrictions, language barriers, time zone differences and some other factors, we have to miss some good projects every year.

To improve the outputs and catch more business opportunities, we believe that joint-efforts should be a better way of sustainable development for both company and individuals.

So if you are interested in our “Sales Perks” program, please talk to us without hesitations. We will discuss our cooperation further more in details.