Win-Win Cooperation_X-Parts Way

X-Parts Way have launched an incentive program called “Sales Perks” since the recent years.

The two main goals of our “Sales Perks” program:

  1. Making full use of all the resources and opportunities between supply and demand via collaborations with our business partners.
  2. Gaining sales volume for our company and increasing incomes for our partners.

How does it work?

Step 1: Exploring or recommending customers for us.
Step 2: We pay sales perks in return.

Who will be our business partners?

  1. Engineers with Associations to EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) Projects
    (e.g. PCB Designer, Embedded System Engineer, Electrical Engineer, R&D Engineer, Project Manager and Software Engineer etc.)
  2. Traders, Sales and Buyers of EMS Field
    (e.g. PCBA Global Sales, PCBA Traders, Electronic Components Traders, Buyers for PCBA Projects etc.)
  3. Individuals with Interests or Resources to EMS Field
    (e.g. Self-employed Entrepreneurs and Freelancers etc.)