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With our sophisticated manufacturing capabilities for PCBA and finished electronics in the past decade, we have accumulated abundant project experience, which enables us to play as the roles of manufacturer and distributor for smart device parts.

We Manufacture

Motherboards for Smart Devices (For Cellphone, Tablet and Laptop etc.)

Solution A:
Customer provides Gerber files and BOM, we do PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly.

Solution B:
Customer provides ideas, we do PCB Design, PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly.

Solution C:
Customer provides physical sample, we do Reverse Engineering (clone an identical or similar one).

All Kinds of Flex Cable Ribbons e.g.

– Volume Button Flex Cable Ribbon
– Home Button Flex Cable Ribbon
– Ear / Loud Speaker Flex Cable Ribbon
– Charging Port Flex Cable Ribbon
– Front / Rear Facing Camera Flex Cable Ribbon

We provide the similar manufacturing solutions for flex cable ribbons as motherboards mentioned above.
For more details about our manufacturing capabilities for FPC, please refer to PCB Fabrication.

We Distribute

All Kinds of Spare Parts (For Cellphone, Tablet and Laptop etc.) e.g.

– Electronic Components
– LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly
– Touch Panels
– Frame Bezels (Front / Middle / Rear)
– Flex Cable Ribbons
– Buttons / Keys (Home / Side)
– Housings (Front / Rear)
– Batteries
– Other Spare Parts and Accessories
– Repair Tools

Main Brands That We Deal With

Main Brands We Deal With

Spare Parts Order Procedures

Spare Parts Order Procedures_New

Warranty Policy

In pursuit of sustainable development, we take the responsibility for each spare part provided by us. We believe you will have pleasant cooperation with X-Parts Way.

Issues might still occur no matter how strictly we follow the procedures during production and shipment. (e.g. Malfunction, DOA, Wrong Parts Received and Damages During Shipment etc.)

X-Parts will take positive corrective-actions to deal with any issues in time.

Warranty Period

Six (6) months from the date of delivery.
* The following three situations will not be under warranty:
1. Parts damaged due to shipping couriers.
2. Parts damaged due to incorrect installation or other mishandling by Customer.
3. Parts sold under “No Return, No Refund” terms upon confirmation and agreement from both parties.

What should we do if issues happened?

● Customer please provide HD pictures or videos to report the issues, please try to describe the problems in details;
● X-Parts analyze the issues and figure out the root causes;
● Both parties discuss the solutions to resolve the problems.

After communications, X-Parts and Customer will have further discussions on closing the issues through other suitable solutions if there is no need to return the parts.

If the parts had to be returned, please pack and return the parts by following the steps and instructions below:

– All parts should be returned in their original condition (unused / undamaged) with good packaging as X-Parts did;
– X-Parts provide a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) ID to Customer, please label the RMA ID on an visible place either outside or inside of the package;
– Customer please share the descriptions of all issues by email or print them on a packaging list;
– Customer please ensure all the returned parts with our X-Parts stamp;
– Customer please take HD pictures or videos for the package of the returned parts before shipment;
– Customer please confirm the correct quantities, part number, part name and Customs value with X-Parts before shipment to avoid the potential Customs issues;
– Customer please share with us the tracking number after shipment.

* Any parts returned without confirmation with X-Parts in written in advance will not be accepted.

Once received the returned package, X-Parts will conduct further analyses and testings to figure out the root causes.

X-Parts will take full responsibility through re-shipping new parts or making refund for confirmed issues caused by our side as per the standard RMA procedures. (The shipping cost and related Customs duties of the returned package will also be refunded to Customer.)

However, if the issues were not caused by us after our investigation, we will not be liable for any exchange nor refund.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Procedures

RMA Procedures