Supplier Audit for PCBA Factory

To be honest, “Supplier Audit” is only one of our value-added services which can be applied to our customers with whom mutual trust has been built. For our new customers, we are open to be audited by their third-party assessment teams.

Why we provide “Supplier Audit” as value-added service to our customers?

The main reason is that EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) is not an independent product, it is involved with more complicated procedures and supply chain. The performance of any one among its supply chain can affect or even decide the final yield of the whole project. So it’s very important to evaluate the reliability and competency of a new supplier before or during the cooperation.

In the past few years, almost all the people in EMS and semiconductor industries have encountered “chip crisis”. Some customers had no choices but to purchase shorted electronic components from unfamiliar new suppliers. As a result, some of them lost a lot due to wrong or counterfeit parts delivered to them.

To avoid these sad stories happened again and with our good experience in this field, we will be willing to conduct as your on-site auditor for new supplier evaluation.

Why consider us as your new supplier auditor instead of hiring a third-party?

● Cost-effective
We provide free service or only charge gas fee for job with round trip within half day to one day.

● Reliable and Objective
On one hand, the third-party supplier auditors are professional on their audit procedures, they also have standard audit system, they will evaluate every aspect listed on their audit form one by one. But they may not have the experience and expertise as we have for this specific manufacturing industry.

The other hand, there are some probabilities that the less competent supplier may score higher than the more capable one due to “perks” applied to the auditor(s) by the former one.

● Better Control on Quality
As mentioned previously, the quality of materials provided by your other suppliers will also have impact on the final quality of our job. A better knowledge of your other suppliers can be very important for us to collaborate as a team to ensure the final functionality of your projects.

Last but not the least, since it’s a value-added service, we reserve the right to apply it or not; the audit results reported by us can be regarded as your reference; you will be the decision maker and be responsible and liable for the quality of products or services provided by other suppliers.

X-Parts Way will do our best to audit your new suppliers with dedication and caution, but we shall be free of liabilities for any risks or issues you may encounter with these new suppliers in future cooperation.

Upon the above mentioned, if you would like to have us as your new supplier auditor, please feel free to contact with us at any time.